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Big Family of Michigan is a Michigan based, grassroots 501©3 non-profit organization that supports and serves the needs of foster children, abused children, institutionalized children and grandchildren being raised by grandparents from infancy through the age of 21 and there is never a cost to children or their caregiver(s).


Big Family of Michigan serves children through many programs providing them with some of the extras that most children take for granted.  Our mission is to help children know they are special, they are loved, and they deserve a better life so they can grow up stronger and ready to face the world.


Our vision has allowed us to expand our outreach to 44 of the 83 counties in Michigan providing services and support to foster children and their foster family and grandchildren being raised by their grandparents.  In Michigan, there are more grandparents raising grandchildren than there are foster children.  The services for this sector are deficient, as often these families do not qualify for any assistance.  Our vision is to ensure that all foster children and children raised by their grandparents are not overlooked or forgotten


Big Family of Michigan operates following the principles and the values we live by which are integrity and compassion.  Our commitment is to the children we serve and their communities.  We are also committed to the continued growth and balance of Big Family while maintaining the highest quality in our services and the programs we provide.


Big Family of Michigan is dedicated to ensure that every gift given to us will be spent or used to achieve our mission to help as many children as funding permits.


Our Board of Directors, the staff and our volunteers are required to live up to our standards and values and we respect all ethnic, cultural, religious and lifestyle differences embracing diversity and what brings us together as a committed team striving to always work for our mission

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